Aluminum roofing in spring: how to prepare for the change

As the winter season and all its demanding weather conditions are winding down, it is time to look towards the next season that is approaching: spring! Aluminum roofing in spring is a very important thing to consider as you are preparing your house for a warmer and potentially wetter season. You will likely prepare other areas of your home for the change in weather, and your roof is definitely another portion to consider during this time.

Like the other seasons, spring has its own unique demands in many aspects that you must prepare yourself and your home for. The weather can be very unpredictable during the spring, so it is important that you take action early rather than wait until something unfortunate happens. Here are some of our tips for aluminum roofing in spring that will help you effectively protect and get the most out of your aluminum roof!

Aluminum roofing in spring tips

Clean grime and debris from your roof

Throughout a long winter, especially if you live in an area with heavy snowfall, your roof will likely get very dirty. We recommend power washing your roof once it is warm enough to do so. This will help you remove things such as leaves, branches, insects, dirt, and much more. Removing these things will help your aluminum roof return to its beauty and stay like that as you enter a warm spring and summer.

While you are removing random debris from your roof, you should also take a look at your gutters. Gutters are incredibly important for the proper drainage of your roof. You should remove anything from inside your gutters so that water can flow through freely. If you do not clear your gutters, buildup of debris can ruin them as well as the structural elements of your roof.

Document any damage you find

As with any maintenance that you do on your home, you should document any of the damage that you find. Depending on the area you live in, extreme winter weather may damage your roof continuously if you do not pay attention to it. That is why it is extremely important to document any damage you find and repair it quickly. If you do not repair the damage that you find, there is potential of bigger problems popping up. It is likely that your home insurance may cover roof damage, especially if it is due to winter weather. But to discuss the damage with your insurance, you must meticulously document the details of the damage so that you can get as much covered as possible.

Check for mold or other ailments

One of the first things that you should do upon inspecting your aluminum shingles for spring is check for mold and algae that may be growing. These ailments can grow due to excess moisture that gets trapped on and inside of your roofing materials. Luckily for you, you can deploy do-it-yourself methods to get rid of this mold and algae. However, we recommend talking to one of our aluminum roofing professionals before you do anything about mold or algae problems that you are facing. You never know which kinds of chemicals may have a negative effect on your beautiful aluminum roofing, so contact us today!

Apply more protective coating if needed

As winter weather rages on, it can affect any protective coatings that you may have applied to your aluminum roof. This is normal and they can be easily reapplied once warmer and drier weather hit. If you do not check all of the areas on your roof, leakage may happen which can also cause many issues that could be avoided. Be sure to check chimneys and other vents for leakage each year. We recommend having roofing professionals inspect your sealant and protective coating so that you know that it is correctly installed.