Aluminum roofing in winter safety tips

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When you are a homeowner, you must learn to expect the unexpected. Homes are a lot more work than they look like on the outside due to all the different areas you must take care of. It is simply a fact that anything can go wrong at any time. Your furnace could go out, your appliances could break, your cement could crack, or your roof could need some work. No matter what home issue you need to work on, you should focus on one thing first: safety of all involved in the repairs.

If you have ever worked on a roofing project, you should already know how serious you must take your safety. No matter what type of roof you have, a roofing project can be potentially dangerous. Unfortunately, this does not change when you have an aluminum roof. Another factor you must consider is what time of the year in which you are working on your roof. Winter is by far the most dangerous due to the snow and cold conditions. Luckily for you, Aluminum Lock Roofing is experienced in all facets of aluminum shingles from manufacturing, installation, and safety. Here are our top tips for aluminum roofing winter safety.

Aluminum roofing winter safety

Use the proper safety equipment

No matter when you are doing a roofing job throughout the year, you should always be using the proper equipment. This is amplified in the winter when the risk of accidents only goes up. While working on your roof in the winter, we suggest wearing boots with good grip on the bottom, safety glasses, knee pads, and long pants. These pieces of safety equipment will improve your aluminum roofing winter safety and minimize your risk of an accident while working. Tools that you should use include a hammer, tin snips, a utility knife, and patches. Only use the proper tools so that you do not chance an accident of any kind.  

Protect your body

The items we mentioned above that will help your safety, including long pants, safety glasses, work boots, and more should be standard for all roofing jobs. But because you are working on your aluminum roof during the winter, there are a few other considerations that you should make while getting ready for the job. Be sure to wear additional layers of thermal clothing so that you are not at risk for hypothermia. We also recommend an extra pair of gloves so that heat does not escape your body through your hands. Heavy socks are also a good idea as you may not notice your feet getting extremely cold. A face mask that also covers your ears may not be a bad idea so that you are not at risk for frostbite.

Be careful where you stand

Here is a big aluminum roofing winter safety tip: always be aware of your surroundings, especially when you are on a cold and slippery aluminum roof. During winter weather, there is always a chance of a hidden ice patch that catches you off guard. Due to the increased risk, we recommend only getting close to the edge of your roof when you absolutely have to. Otherwise, it is a good idea to stay in the center of the roof to minimize your risk of falling.

Only allow adults on your aluminum roof           

When working on your roof in any capacity, we recommend only allowing those who are responsible adults on your roof. Accidents can still happen regardless of who is on your roof during repairs, but the chances are multiplied when children are present. Be sure to watch your equipment to make sure that it does not end up in the hands of the wrong people and so that it does not fall off the roof and hit someone. Accidents can be prevented with the proper precautions for an activity as potentially dangerous as repairing an aluminum roof in the winter.

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