Aluminum roofing: the right choice for the future

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Picture this: you are finally moving into your new home. The home is older, so there are some understandable wear-and-tear problems here and there. Upon completing your move-in, you notice that the roof is not in the best shape. It is fitted with asphalt shingles that have been used to their fullest potential and need to be replaced immediately. As you are searching for a new roof, you decide that you want something more durable than the typical choice of asphalt shingles. That is where aluminum shingles come in: their durability and beauty are unmatched. Aluminum roofing is the right roofing choice for your future.

Unmatched durability

Although aluminum roofing comes at a premium price, it is well worth it considering how much you save in the long run. Our shingles have the ability to last more than 50 years before you even need to consider replacing them. In comparison, most asphalt shingles max out at about 20-25 years. To maximize your financial investment on your roof, the smart choice is an aluminum roof that you will not have to replace very frequently if at all.

With aluminum shingles, the only noticeable signs of age you will see are fading colors. This is a quick fix as you can easily repaint them. Typical weather conditions including rain and snow do not affect aluminum shingles, especially ours because they come with our patented Aluma-Lock technology. Our shingles lock on all four sides to prevent moisture, dust, and pests from getting underneath them.    

Beauty for decades

Our beautiful aluminum shingles come in a variety of colors, which you can check out on our website. Some of the colors we have include black, white, gray, green, and red. You can also get your aluminum shingles in unpainted aluminum for a more “natural” look. While our shingles may lose their beautiful color eventually, they will not lose their durability and energy-saving properties. Our aluminum roofing is easily paintable, as mentioned above. Be sure to get the correct type of paint if you are going to undertake this project.   

Easily repairable

One of the key benefits of aluminum shingles is that they are easily repairable and replaceable. We manufacture and sell our own aluminum shingles, which allows you to buy additional backup shingles directly from us for any time you will need them. We have served many happy customers that still have their aluminum roofing to this day. By investing in an aluminum roof, you are making a quality choice for your home’s future.

Energy-saving capabilities

In addition to being beautiful and durable, your aluminum roofing project will also save you a lot of money in heating and cooling costs. As discussed in a previous blog post, aluminum shingles are very good at reflecting heat even though they are metal. Most metals, especially steel, cause the temperature of your home to rise during the summer and drop during the winter. With aluminum, 90% of solar heat can be reflected and you can save up to 40% off your cooling bill during the summer.

During the hottest part of the year, asphalt shingles can reach temperatures over 200 degrees. Aluminum shingles never reach anywhere close to that, topping out between 110-140 degrees depending on the color of shingles you choose. Once aluminum shingles are in the shade, they cool down very fast. In our experiment detailed in a recent blog post, the aluminum shingles cooled by more than 40 degrees compared to a mere 20 by the asphalt shingles.     

Get your aluminum roofing today           

The profound durability, energy-saving, and repairable qualities of aluminum roofing is evident. If you are interested in getting your own aluminum shingles installed, please contact us via phone at 801-484-3321. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our aluminum shingles. You can also visit our blog section for different blog posts on specific points about our aluminum shingles.

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