Are metal roofs dangerous?

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Roofs are the most crucial part of any structure. It should be the strongest part of the home. Metal roofs are in trend not just because of their looks but also because of the features they provide. But the question that arises here is, are metal roofs safe enough? The answer is yes, metal roofing is safe, but not a hundred percent. 

There isn’t any kind of roofing material that would be 100% safe, but metal roofs are the safest of all. Let us understand how metal roofs can be dangerous?


We all know metal is the strongest type of material, but it gets dents. Repairing those dents can be a daunting task. Today’s roofs are built to face extreme weather conditions but there is still a chance of the metal getting damaged and dented. These dents can lead to leakage in the house. One can reduce the risk of denting by making sure there are no branches of trees around the top of your roof. 

Now, look at some points of how a metal roof protects your house.


Metal roofs are built to face extreme weather. Any other type of roof material can’t match the level of metal roofs in bearing extreme conditions. 

Fire resistance: Metal roofs are fire resistant and they have high malleability points. Because of this, they do not catch fire easily. Whereas if we see shingle roofs, they can catch fire in a few minutes due to the material they are made of. 

Lightning resistance: Many types of metals are good conductors of electricity. Therefore, there can be a misconception that this type of roof can be prone to catching lightning strikes. But it is not true, metal roofs actually aren’t more likely than other types of roofs to get struck by lightning. Metal roofs are lightning resistant just like other roofing types.  


After comparing all the points, we come to the conclusion that metal roofs are the safest option in roofing. Hope this blog helped you to understand the safety metal roofs provide. Contact us if you have any queries and also if want to install a metal roof to your place our professional roofer will give you a stress-free roof installation.

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