Choosing an aluminum roof for an older home

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Many homes built before the 1970s were not constructed with aluminum roofing in mind. These older houses often have a steep pitch on their roofs, which makes installing an aluminum roof potentially expensive and difficult. However, there are still plenty of options for homeowners who want to get an aluminum roof installed on an older home. Here are some things you should consider when you think about putting aluminum roofing on older homes.

Putting aluminum roofing on older homes

Consider if your home can handle aluminum roofing

As mentioned above, if your home was built before the 1970s it’s important to consider whether or not aluminum roofing is a viable option. This includes factors like a steep pitch on your roof and how many layers of shingles you currently have – if there are too few, installing an aluminum roof might be difficult. Keeping all this in mind can help you make an informed decision about aluminum roofing for your home. Sometimes, an older home simply cannot handle aluminum roofing due to the architecture. We will try our very best to get you fitted with aluminum shingles, but this factor is important to consider.

Create a budget that you can afford

It’s important to set a budget before deciding on aluminum roofing for your home. This includes the cost of re-roofing, as well any additional costs such as installation and materials like aluminum shingles or paint if you are looking to change the color. We recommend contacting us in advance so we can help you estimate these costs. The last thing you will want is to get your hopes up for aluminum shingles but then not having the funds for the project. Aluminum roofing on older homes is a great option, but it can be a little more expensive depending on the condition of your house.

Make sure you like how it will look

Believe it or not, it’s not just about the cost and how long your aluminum roof will last. You have to think about what it’ll look like too. Aluminum shingles are great because they come in so many different colors, including natural ones that can blend right in with a woodsy setting or be more of an accent if you want something brighter on your home.

One of the biggest reasons why you have to consider if you will like how your aluminum shingles look is because the style of older homes may not mesh as well with aluminum. This is one of the reasons why aluminum roofing on older homes is a controversial topic for some people.

Be sure to add new ventilation outlets

A lot of people like aluminum because they have a new venting system that is more efficient than what you would get with other materials. Of course, this will depend on the installation and whether or not there are any leaks in your roof. But if everything goes well and all of these conditions are met, then aluminum has some benefits over traditional shingles. When you are installing aluminum roofing on older homes, it is important to add additional ventilation outlets in case there are not any. This will keep your roof area dry and cool and prevent common problems from happening.

Meet with an aluminum roofing specialist

Another thing that you should consider while looking at aluminum roofing for your older house would be to meet with an aluminum roofing specialist. If you have any questions about aluminum roofing or if you want to get a professional opinion, don’t hesitate to contact us! We can help answer your questions and provide suggestions based on what’s going on with your home. Aluminum roofing can be a tricky material to pull off with an older home, so we heavily suggest that you contact us with your questions.

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