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Aluminum shingles eliminate snow weight build up

Weight build up is not a concern with Aluminum Lock shingles because not only are the shingles extremely lightweight but the snow slides off as well.

This prevents dangerous weight and ice buildup on eves. Ice buildup is a major cause of leaks with conventional roofing. The need to risk personal injury from snow removal is eliminated as well.

Aluminum Lock shingles weigh less than 40lbs. per 100 sq. ft. Copper Lock shingles weigh 110 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. Conventional asphalt shingles weigh 5 to 10 times the weight of Aluminum Lock shingles! Aluminum Lock shingles are naturally heat reflective. Aluminum Lock shingles reflect away the sun’s heat in the summer. In the winter, your heat comes from the inside and is reflected back in. Aluminum Lock shingles will save you money by making your home more energy efficient.

Snow and ice buildup on a roof can cause major problems. As can be seen on these homes in Utah, snow buildup on the roof and the resulting ice dams can ruin soffit, fascia or leak inside the home. You can imagine the tons of weight on this roof, and the potential damage all that weight can cause to the roof structure.

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Actual photo of snow sliding off Aluminum Lock shingles

These three pictures show how the Aluminum Lock shingles have shed the snow, eliminating problems of weight and ice damage.

aluminum lock roofing4


aluminum lock roofing5


aluminum lock roofing6

These homeowners solved their previous snow and ice problem by having Aluminum Lock shingles installed.