Common aluminum roofing misconceptions

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Compared to the many other types of roofing, aluminum roofing may not be as popular. Yes, it is often found on historic buildings, but it is found less in residential neighborhoods for the most part. This is likely because less people know about it and it costs a bit more to install. Common roofing types include shingles, tile, wood, and more. Many people choose to go with these materials because they know more about them and they are generally cheaper than a metal roof.

Along with the “mystery” that surrounds aluminum roofing for most people comes aluminum roofing misconceptions. These misconceptions take some time to get past, but we are aiming to help with this blog post! Here are some common aluminum roofing misconceptions, why they are not true, and what can be done about them.

Aluminum roofing misconceptions

Aluminum roofs attract lightning strikes

This is definitely a common aluminum roofing misconception, not just about aluminum roofs, but about all metal roofs. Many people believe that because metal is a conductor, it attracts lightning as well. This is not the case, and in fact, an aluminum roof is one of the safest roofs you can have on your home. In the event that your home is struck by lightning, your aluminum roof will actually disperse the electricity safely without lighting on fire. Obviously, if you are doing maintenance on your aluminum roof, you will want to get off if a storm is brewing. You will be fully protected inside your home that has an aluminum roof on it.  

You can’t walk on aluminum roofs

Although they may look weak due to being so thin, our aluminum shingles are actually very strong and resilient. You will not have to worry about denting your aluminum shingles, because they are built to be resistant to pressure in case of any emergencies. It is perfectly safe to walk on your aluminum roof to do some maintenance, as long as you follow proper safety procedures. Due to the slippery nature of metal in general, it is best to wear shoes with plenty of grip and watch your step at all times. Do not joke around or attempt to run on your roof as you never know what can happen. Safety is the best policy when going on any roof, but especially one with a different material than you are used to.  

An aluminum roof is too heavy for my home to support

For the most part, roofing materials are actually very heavy. Asphalt and tile can weigh your home down depending on the techniques that your installers use. Some metals are heavy as well, and certain ones are likely to never be made into shingles because of this fact. But fortunately for you, aluminum is not one of those extremely heavy metal types. Our aluminum shingles are incredibly lightweight while still holding the strong properties of metal as mentioned above. Even if they feel a little light, you can rest assured that our aluminum shingles will keep your home protected from everything for years on end.

Aluminum roofing increases utility bills

As far as aluminum roofing misconceptions go, this one is definitely false. The thought process behind this one is that an aluminum roof will get way too hot during the summer and heat up your home. This could not be further from the truth, as an aluminum roof actually helps keep your home cool. This is because they are extremely energy-efficient and “green”. If you are someone who is very conscious about the environment, consider installing an aluminum roof today. You will save plenty of money over the course of the roof’s life due to the green properties.

Aluminum roofing makes your home ugly and decreases value

Honestly, this aluminum roofing misconception does not hold a lot of weight. Many people, when they get tired of typical roofing options such as asphalt shingles, want to try something new. With an aluminum roof, you get a beautiful new perspective on how good a roof can actually look. Our shingles come in a variety of colors and can be painted at your will. As for home value, an aluminum roof can actually increase it. This is because of how long it lasts and how good it looks. Contact us today at 801-484-3321 to learn more and get started with an aluminum roof!

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