Copper Roofing

Why Copper Roofs Pay for Themselves

Copper Roofing

There is a reason copper roofing is experiencing a revival and why so many homeowners want it: It’s gorgeous, can last for centuries and adds a uniqueness to your home that no other roofing material can offer. However, before falling in love with the idea of a home that looks like it’s dripping with pennies, keep in mind that copper naturally turns a greenish hue over time. This is perfectly natural, and copper roof lovers are adamant that it only adds to the beauty. To see an example, take a look at many of the buildings in Prague, which are often adorned with green copper roofing that lends a fairy tale-esque appeal to the city.

The average roof has a shelf life of about 20 years, but copper can easily last for several hundred years with routine maintenance. Thus, it is considered a permanent solution for your roof. If you consider the fact that you will not have to replace the roof in your lifetime (barring any natural disasters), it is even feasible to see copper roofing as being the same price as “total lifetime roofing costs.”

Strength, Meet Beauty

People choose copper roofs for two reasons: The sheer elegance, and the durability. It is not uncommon to find a vintage copper-roofed building where everything—except the roof!—needs to be replaced or renovated. For example, the Old Christ Church in Philadelphia had a copper roof added in 1742, and it is still going strong. This means that not only will your roof remain strong for longer than your lifetime, but also that the value of your home will not decrease as much or as swiftly. Plus, these roofs are very attractive to home buyers, so should you sell, you have that up your sleeve.

“Copping” to It

As durable as copper is, it is also shockingly lightweight. This means less stress on the rest of your home—and if you are building from the ground up, you can save money because you will not need as many supports or labor fees. If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, it’s a great solution to help with the weight of snow-packed roofs.

Finally, for green-minded homeowners who want more than a literally green roof, copper retains its value as scrap to the tune of 95 percent. It is also one of the greenest building materials on the market, with most boasting a recycled content rate of 75 percent. Add in the fact that it is almost maintenance-free and never rusts, and copper becomes the clear choice.