Differences between aluminum and copper roofing

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While searching for a new roofing material, don’t you just love having multiple options? We know that we do! Although our company is called Aluminum Lock Roofing, we do not just offer aluminum shingles. You may not be aware of the fact that we also offer beautiful copper roofing as well. Luckily for you, each of these roofing materials has their own unique benefits for your home. Both of these outstanding roofing materials are amazing in their own way and we are proud to say that we love carrying both of them so that our customers have even more choices when doing business with us. Here are some more details on some of the differences between aluminum and copper roofing!

Aluminum shingles vs. copper shingles


Whether you decide to go with aluminum shingles or copper shingles, there are certain things that you will get with either choice. Both of these shingle types are very durable and will protect your home for decades or even centuries. Aluminum and copper shingles are built to last with the highest quality materials possible.

In addition to their durability, both aluminum and copper shingles have benefits for your home. They are very good at keeping your hot or cool air inside the home during extreme weather seasons. They will save you plenty of money on your utility bills by offering great insulation properties. While the upfront cost of these roofing materials may be higher than others, you will save so much money that it will be a great investment for your future and the future of your home. Although each of these roofing materials have distinct similarities and differences, you will not be making a mistake if you go with either one of them.


With many similarities comes many differences (not too many differences, they are both still great roofing materials for any home). One of the biggest differences between aluminum and copper roofing is the actual weight of the materials. Both of them are lightweight, but copper is even more lightweight than aluminum while maintaining the same durability benefits. Copper roofing takes less of a toll on your home’s structure as compared to asphalt or other heavy roofing materials, which will extend the home’s life even longer. The super lightweight aspects of copper roofing may make it susceptible to more noise being let through, such as raindrops or the sounds of a heavy windstorm.

Another one of the differences between aluminum and copper roofing is how each type of metal ages. Regardless of which metal roofing material you decide to go with, both of them will likely fade as they age. Most of the time copper roofs come in their standard shiny color, while you can get aluminum shingles in various beautiful colors and styles. When our beautifully painted aluminum shingles fade, the colors look duller than normal. Fortunately, these aluminum shingles can be painted and repainted time and time again with no issues. If you don’t want a colorful roof, you can go with a bare aluminum look and have it stand out!

As copper shingles age, they turn a beautiful light green color. You can see this standout color on many historical buildings including the Old Christ Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This church had its copper roof added in 1742(!) and it is still going strong to this day. The natural beauty of aged copper cannot be stated enough. This look will make your home standout from the rest for its entire lifetime. Be sure to check out more images of this natural copper color progression as you are making your roofing decision.

Let us help you decide!           

While there are distinct differences between aluminum and copper roofing, both materials are incredible choices for your home’s new roof. They are both beautiful and beneficial in their own unique ways so you will not be going wrong with either one. Contact Aluminum Lock Roofing today for a consultation and let us help you decide which of these roofing materials is right for you.

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