Do the benefits of metal roofing outweigh its cost?

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A metal roof is a great option to choose for your home. It has various benefits like aesthetic feel, durability, sustainability, etc., but the most liked feature of a metal roof is its longevity. A properly installed metal roof lasts for a minimum of 50 years or more. But every great thing comes with a great cost. In this blog, we are going to understand, is the cost of metal roofing worth its features?

Let’s look at some points you should think of while deciding about the metal roofs:


As mentioned earlier, the longevity of metal roofs is the most loved feature. The number of years you are going to stay in the house matters the most. What if you’ve installed a metal roof? But you are going to stay there for a maximum of 15-20 years. Your investment in the roof may get wasted as you won’t be able to enjoy its benefits. 

When you know you are going to use the house, almost for a lifetime metal roof will pay back its cost. A metal roof is an energy-efficient material for roofs. Because of its heat-regulating quality, it saves up to 20-40% of energy bills during warmer months on cooling devices and during cooler months on warming devices.


Metal roofs have a lot of features to offer, like durability, aesthetic appearance, sustainability, heat/fire/hail resistivity, longevity, etc. There is no other material in the market that can beat the green factor, longevity, energy-efficient ness, and safety resilience of metal roofs.

But the question lies here is, do all these features matter to you or not? If all its features seem to be important to you only then metal roofing will be worth it. 


The metal roof requires a huge cost investment, which is more than double of shingle roofs. On average, a metal roof costs $30,000, and it lasts for 50+ years. Whereas if the shingle roof costs $10,000 but it requires replacement after 15-20 years. The cost of repair and replacement gets approximately doubled up every 15 years. This means on the time of the first time replacement shingle roof will cost you almost $20,000, and during the second time replacement, it cost you more than $30,000. Which will ultimately cost you more than metal roofs. 

As we mentioned earlier, metal roofs are energy efficient. That is why it will save a lot of cost on your energy bills in the long run go. On the other hand, a shingle roof won’t profit you in any such way. Hence metal roof provides both short-term and long-term benefits along with ultimate safety. 


The blog has comparative information on how the benefits of metal roofing outweigh its cost. It will definitely be useful for you to make a wiser decision. Contact us for any further details about metal roofs. Also, if you want to install one on your home, our team of professional roofers will provide you with a hassle-free roof installation.

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