Energy efficiency of aluminum shingles

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When you consider installing a new roof for your home or business, energy efficiency is something important to think about. If your roof is energy efficient, you will save plenty of money per month and per year. Different types of roofing materials come with different benefits, and energy efficiency is a hot topic lately. Many are realizing that the extremely common asphalt shingles are not the best and that metal roofs are much more efficient, regardless of their price. But there is one metal roofing material that prevails over others: aluminum. The energy efficiency of aluminum shingles is out of this world, and you will see why.    

Aluminum shingles have numerous benefits, and some are very underrated and overlooked. One of the best benefits of aluminum shingles that people may not know about is their energy efficiency capabilities. But how exactly are they efficient? Continue reading for an explanation and more information about our amazing aluminum shingles.

How do aluminum shingles save energy?

Aluminum shingles save energy in various ways, but the biggest way is by simply being made of a metal. Metal is reflective, meaning that the sun’s harsh rays are redirected once they hit aluminum shingles. The way that aluminum shingles are installed also influences their energy-saving capabilities. Aluminum shingles are typically installed with enough space under them so that air can circulate through. According to, this ventilation can result in a 45% decrease in flow of heat on a metal roof as well as 25% lower cooling costs. You will feel a noticeable difference in terms of the temperature of your home.        

How efficient are aluminum shingles?

Aluminum reflects heat better than most metals and can keep your house much cooler as opposed to other types of shingles (mainly asphalt and fiberglass). The Florida Solar Energy Center has researched this and found that asphalt shingles are very hot to the touch because they absorb a lot of heat, so much that they can raise your home’s internal temperature by more than 20 degrees. On the other hand, aluminum shingles, while still hot to the touch due to being made of metal, are much cooler than asphalt. Aluminum shingles can reflect up to 90% of solar heat and save you up to 40% off your summer utility bills including air conditioning. How’s that for energy efficiency?   

They save energy, but what else makes them so great?

Aluminum shingles are one of the smartest choices you can make for roofing for many reasons. Aside from being very energy efficient and saving you plenty of money on cooling and heating bills, aluminum shingles are good for the environment. Our Aluminum Lock aluminum shingles are made from 90% recycled aluminum and will have value even when recycled. Aluminum shingles will not be harmful if they end up in landfills, unlike asphalt and other materials.

Aluminum shingles are also insanely durable. Many of our customers report that their shingles have lasted for more than 60 years. Our aluminum is a high-quality material created with our locking technology, allowing the aluminum shingles to lock on all 4 sides for maximum security. Aluminum Lock aluminum shingles can resist fire, wind, snow, pests, and more. Unlike other metals, aluminum shingles do not rust so no need to worry about excess water. The shingles can feel thin to the touch, but they hold a lot of energy-saving potential. 

Where can I get energy efficient aluminum shingles?           

If you are looking to get in on the energy efficiency of aluminum shingles, look no further than Aluminum Lock Roofing! We manufacture our own aluminum shingles with Aluma-Lock technology that save you money and make your home stand out. Your shingles come in a variety of beautiful colors and a 30 year guarantee. For more information on our shingles and how you can purchase them, please give us a call at 801-484-3321 and visit thesehelpfullinks.

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