Heat retention of aluminum shingles vs. asphalt shingles

A huge point that many become aware of and amazed by when looking into aluminum shingles is their energy efficiency properties. In our recent blog post highlighting this energy efficiency, we noted that aluminum shingles stand out from the other types because of their heat retention and cooling abilities. Aluminum shingles also have the ability to save you a noticeable amount on both heating and cooling costs during summer and winter.

Aluminum shingles are very good for keeping heat out because they are reflective. As opposed to asphalt shingles, aluminum shingles send the sun’s rays away from your home rather than absorbing them like asphalt and other roofing options. The way that aluminum shingles are installed with space underneath them provides greater air circulation than any other type of roofing. This advanced cooling can keep your home much cooler than asphalt shingles, but how much cooler? To figure this out, we ran a little experiment centered on heat retention of aluminum shingles using our patented Aluma-Lock aluminum shingles and some asphalt shingles.  


On a hot June day, we decided to test our aluminum shingles and prove that they really hold up to our claims of advanced heat retention and cooling. To properly test these properties, we left three different colors of our aluminum shingles and one asphalt shingle outside in direct 95-degree heat for more than one hour. The colors of aluminum shingles we used for this experiment are gray, black, and white to see a difference in heat retention. We also offer different colors of aluminum shingles that you can read more about here.  

After one hour of direct sunlight, the asphalt shingle was a scorching 173 degrees. On an even hotter day, such as one over 100 degrees, asphalt shingles can pass 200 degrees in surface temperature. This temperature is dangerous and can leave you with damaging and painful third-degree burns if you are not careful. Comparatively, the gray, white, and black aluminum shingles were 143, 114, and 134 degrees, respectively. This difference is pronounced when you are near the shingles; you can feel the heat radiating off the asphalt shingle but not from the aluminum shingles.

Following the initial temperature reading, the shingles were moved into the shade. They were given a few minutes to cool down slightly and then measured again. Even after cooling down, the asphalt shingle still clocks in at a spicy 145 degrees. The gray aluminum shingle is 98 degrees, with white coming in at 90 degrees and black at 94 degrees. After only 2 minutes in the shade, the aluminum shingles are exceptionally cooler than the asphalt shingle. With more time in the shade, even on a hot day, the aluminum shingles will be the coolest available.          

If you would like to watch the video, as well as other Aluminum Lock Roofing content, click here and enjoy!

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Case in point: aluminum shingles are much more cooling, safe, and efficient than asphalt shingles. By going with Aluminum Lock Roofing’s Aluma-Lock shingles, you will be making a smart choice for your home and family. You will feel much cooler and save more money than with any other type of roofing materials. Plus, aluminum shingles last for many decades and you will not have to replace them. They are easy to maintain and beautiful!

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