How long do aluminum shingles last?

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How long do aluminum shingles last?

Aluminum shingles last for the lifetime of the home. Many manufacturers of aluminum shingles guarantee a lifetime warranty for the life of the home. Aluminum is an ideal material for roofing because it is not affected by weather conditions. Aluminum does not rust, rot, curl, or decay. In addition to its longevity, aluminum shingles have amazing reflectivity. This reflectivity protects your home from heat during the summer and keeps your heat inside during the winter.  

Are aluminum shingles durable?

Yes! Aluminum shingles are high-quality and durable because they are made of authentic aluminum. The shingles have many attractive features, including being fire-proof, wind-proof, and heat reflective. Aluminum shingles are also pest proof and quickly shed snow and ice in the winter. Aluminum Lock Roofing’s Aluma-Lock aluminum shingles are low profile and are supported by the wood beneath the shingles. They are hail resistant and interlock on all 4 sides, creating a walkable surface. These will last for several decades and exhibit their protective properties throughout their lifespan.    

Are aluminum shingles easy to replace?

Aluminum shingles are easy to replace because they are fairly lightweight while still being very durable. Even though they interlock on all 4 sides, you can still get the job done quickly. All you need to replace an aluminum shingle is the new shingle, tin snips, and a hammer.  

What can I do to make aluminum shingles last longer?

The beauty of aluminum shingles is that they are very low maintenance. Once they are installed, you do not have to do anything to them besides make sure they are installed correctly. Aluminum shingles are not affected by normal weather conditions so there is no need to worry about them during a storm. 

What colors of aluminum shingles are there?

Aluminum shingles come in 9 different colors. Aluminum shingles can also be made from solid copper for a very reflective look. Colors of aluminum shingles include brown, tan, green, black, gray, and copper penny.

How long do the colors on aluminum shingles last?

The finish on painted aluminum shingles has a 30 year-warranty. The paint that is used is a baked-on Kynar and is the most sun-resistant paint available. The paint will begin to fade over time, but repainting is easily done and works very well. The aluminum shingles will continue to last for a long while even after they are repainted.    

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