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The roof is the most important part of a house. There are multiple options of roofing available in the market, but selecting the perfect type of roof for your home could be a laborious task. In this blog, we’ll discuss 2 types of roofing: one is copper roofing, and another is aluminum roofing. We’ll have a detailed look at what they are, their pros and cons, their maintenance, and the cost of installation.


Copper is a trending roofing material that homeowners are now choosing for its attractive look and high durability in the face of weathering on low-slope roofs. This metal also works well with features like towers and bay windows because its rich color makes it very visible from far away. It is still effective when traditional materials may not provide enough protection against storm damage because of their lower resistance level.

This is a lightning-resistant as well as fire-resistant metal. It also regulates heat according to the weather. Copper is an eco-friendly as well as sustainable metal. It is also 100% recyclable metal. It is a lightweight, durable, and sustainable metal. It has a lustrous shine in the beginning later on it changes to a greenish-blue color patina which also looks equally elegant. Copper is an extremely long-lasting material, it lasts for up to 50 to 100 years after proper installation.

Although copper costs more than most other metals, it’s worth the price for its benefits. Its durability and the safety it provides are two of the most important factors that affect its price.


Even though copper is a great roofing material, it isn’t always a viable option for everyone. If this is your case, then you can always opt for another great option that is aluminum. This roofing material can last for more than 50 years and looks beautiful the entire time. Aluminum is an excellent choice in the roof for coastal regions as it is saltwater resistant.

Aluminum roofs are designed to be energy efficient, which lowers your electricity bill. It helps in keeping the temperature cool during warm months and warmer during the cold months. This metal reflects light and heat coming from the sun. Installation of aluminum roof is comparatively easy, and time-saving because of its weight. The cost of aluminum roofs is higher than other metals like steel, zinc, etc. but it is worth every penny. The price of aluminum roofing can change depending upon the market but always remain between the rates of steel and copper.


Both copper and aluminum are great options but have individual advantages and disadvantages, so it is best to consider your unique situation when making a choice. Copper’s lightweight helps to reduce stress on the walls, but it can get damaged in severe stormy weather. Whereas aluminum works best for such weather. Aluminum needs to be painted for preventing corrosion, but copper doesn’t as it creates its own layer of protection, that is patina. All in all, both are great options that are worthy of your consideration!

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