How much are aluminum shingles?

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How much are aluminum shingles?

Aluminum shingles are $2.55 per square foot. With the necessary accessories in drip and gable edge, valley flashing, ridge caps, underlayment, etc., the total for materials will end up around $3.50 per square foot. Adding on the $3.00 per square foot installation cost, that is around $6.50 total per square foot. The installed cost will be around $650 per square for a basic residential roof. With materials and labor for an average sized roof, it will be around $16,000-$20,000 in total.

How much is a square of aluminum shingles?

A square of aluminum shingles, which is 100 square feet, costs $255. One square of aluminum shingles comes in a box of 94 individual shingles that covers 100 square feet. If you happen to need a few extra shingles, individual shingles go for $3.55 each.

Are there discounts for bulk purchases of aluminum shingles?

In order to get a discount on aluminum shingles due to a bulk purchase, you must buy over 100 squares. That is enough for 3 or 4 average-sized homes, making this a great option for roofing contractors that want the highest quality materials at a discounted price.

Does the price of aluminum shingles fluctuate?

Yes, the price of aluminum does fluctuate but not nearly as much as other metals. The price of aluminum hit a peak in June of 2008, then quickly dropped in 2009, and has stayed fairly consistent since 2015 compared to previous years. The price is currently at $1,487 per ton as of May 4th, 2020. In comparison, the price of steel, and in turn steel roofing, has continued to rise since 2016 and is currently at $3,524 per ton and looks to erratically fluctuate.

It is the perfect time to buy your shingles from Aluminum Lock Roofing as we have not raised our prices in 2 years. Competitors with other metal roofing types will continue to raise their prices as their material costs gradually ascend.   

How can I buy aluminum shingles?

Aluminum shingles can be purchased in various ways, but the most effective is via phone call. Over the phone, we can gather important information on your roofing needs, measurements, and preferences. We will then need to measure your roof either in person or through platforms such as Google Earth in order to give you the best experience possible.

Luckily for you, we only require material payment when the order is made. For full roof installation, we ask for half of the total when the contract is agreed on and the rest when the job is fully finished.  

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