How much does an aluminum roof weigh?

Searching for a new roofing material can be a very difficult and time-consuming process. As with most home restoration projects, there are a lot of things you should think about while considering a new roof. You must consider material price, installation price, logistics, and more. One of the most important, yet relatively unknown, points to consider is how much your desired roofing material weighs. You do not want to choose a material that will weigh your home down or put it under unnecessary stress. If you are struggling to decide what material you should choose for your next roof, look no further than aluminum!

Weight of aluminum shingles

While searching for your new roof, you may ask “how much does an aluminum roof weigh?”. You are in luck because one of the shining properties (no pun intended) of aluminum shingles is how much they weigh -or don’t weigh for that matter. These revolutionary shingles are known for their lightweight composition and long-lasting durability as compared to other common shingle types. They may feel flimsy in-hand, but this is not a concern once they are installed on your roof. For something as lightweight as they are, their durability is unmatched.

The reason aluminum shingles are so lightweight is because they are made to be slightly thinner than other roofing materials. This means that they have less mass than asphalt shingles and other types. For example, 100 square feet of aluminum shingles ways just under 40 pounds. The same 100 square feet of asphalt shingles weighs anywhere from 180-240 pounds. Aluminum shingles’ smaller amount of mass also equals less heat absorption, saving you money on cooling and heating costs.  

Installation of aluminum shingles

Another positive of the lightweight nature of aluminum shingles is how easy they are to install. Our aluminum shingles snap together on all four sides with Aluma-Lock technology, making for a hassle-free experience if you decide to do it yourself. You can also install your new aluminum roof directly over your old roof with no weight concerns. This is because aluminum shingles are much more lightweight than other roofing materials that may cause weight concerns.

Aluminum shingles do not add the huge amount of weight to your roof that other materials may if you decide not to tear off your previous roof. By installing your new aluminum roof over your existing roof, you can save money by not having to tear your previous roof off. With the reduced weight as compared to asphalt and other materials, an aluminum roof could potentially be installed on your own rather than outsourcing installers. Even before they are fully installed, aluminum roofs are already saving you money!

More about aluminum shingles

If you are not familiar with the many other amazing qualities of aluminum shingles, Aluminum Lock Roofing would be happy to teach you more! Our blog section is chock-full of excellent resources about our patented aluminum shingles. In this section you can find resources on a variety of topics including price of aluminum shingles, colors and styles of aluminum shingles, energy efficiency, heat retention, and more. We are your aluminum shingles experts that have been in business for over 60 years. Please contact us with additional questions you may have, we are always happy to help our wonderful customers! Give us a call at 801-484-3321.