How to get your aluminum roof ready for the summer

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As time continues to pass, we are nearly at the beginning of summer. 2021 is almost halfway over already! The month of May has just hit, and the weather is really starting to warm up in many parts of the country. With this new change in weather, there are some things that you must do to get your home ready. It is important to look at your aluminum roof and get it prepared for the summer months before they get here!

It feels like just yesterday that we were getting our aluminum roofing ready for the winter season to combat the extreme weather and cold temperatures. Now that winter and spring are in the rear-view mirror, we must focus on your aluminum roof for summer. This process is critical to the lifespan of your aluminum roof and will help it last for even longer. As you know, there are some very specific things that you must do to make sure that your roof is in top condition for the heat – and sometimes unpredictable weather- of the summer. Here are some of our best aluminum roofing summer tips that will surely help you out!

Aluminum roof in summer tips

Get an inspection first

As the seasons change, it is incredibly important to get a roof inspection. We recommend getting a roof inspection or doing one yourself, at least once per year. This is because the different weather conditions that many roofs face throughout the year may cause different potential problems. By doing frequent inspections, you are going to save yourself a lot of money and time in the future. Look for problems including holes, broken shingles, mold, and other common roofing ailments. By catching these problems early, you are able to neutralize them and avoid potentially worse issues in the future.

Once you have inspected your shingles, we recommend taking the necessary steps to get them fixed and ready for the summer. Many problems that occur with shingles can be fixed on your own, but others cannot. If you are interested in inspecting your aluminum roof in the summer by yourself, check out our blog post with tips that will help you do just that! Any questions that you may have can also be directed towards us by giving us a call at 801-484-3321. We would love to help you with anything related to your aluminum roof.

Clean any leftover grime/dirt from winter

Following your inspection of your aluminum roof, it is time to make sure that it is as clean as possible. Over the course of a long and wet winter/spring, a lot of grime and mold can build up on your roof. This is natural and happens because of excess moisture. Once you see these ailments while inspecting your roof, it is important to take immediate action and prevent build-up.

Due to the sheer size of most roofs, cleaning equipment will likely be required to make sure your aluminum roof is in the best shape possible for the summer ahead. Before you start cleaning your aluminum roof, we recommend studying our recent blog post on the topic. The tips we provided will help you keep your aluminum roof in the best working order possible as well as extend the lifespan even more than you could have ever hoped.

Make sure your shingles are in working order

After you have inspected and cleaned your roof, the time has arrived for you to perform any maintenance that is needed. The biggest part of aluminum roof summer preparation is acting after you have found things to fix on your roof. If you have found that there are some damaged shingles on your roof, order some replacements and install them. Are some of your shingles a little dim? Get some paint and retouch them. Aluminum roofing maintenance can be a fun project that will teach you a lot for the future!

Overall, aluminum roofing maintenance can be quickly learned and performed so that the life of your roof can be extended. Be sure to ask us any questions that you may have because we are always happy to help.

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