How to take care of copper roofing during summer

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For many people, a copper roof is considered an attractive addition to any home. However, this type of roofing is not just attractive, it is also very durable and energy-efficient. It’s a good thing that copper roofs are durable and can last for decades, but they’re not invincible! They must be properly taken care of so that they last for as long as possible. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips for how to take care of copper roofing during the summer months.

Caring for copper roofing during summer

Inspect your roof frequently

Inspect your copper roofing frequently to note signs of decay and wear. After many years of protecting your home, the copper may start peeling away from the metal. You might also notice rust stains or discoloration on your copper as well. If any damage is noted, contact a professional immediately. It’s important not to wait because it can lead to leaks that could have been prevented if caught early enough.

By inspecting your roof frequently, you are on the right path to making your copper roofing last for many years. This tip is not exclusive to summer because we also recommend examining your copper roof as winter is approaching so that you know that everything is in proper working order. The last thing you want is to skip an inspection and have damage on your copper roof get worse.

Check for signs of leaks

As you are looking over your copper roofing during summer, you should check it for signs of leaks. Copper may be slightly discolored and show small holes or bubbles where water has leaked in. Check the seams, unions, intersections, and edges of copper panels to find these leaks. If you do notice any problems with copper roofs during the summer months it’s important that they are fixed right away.

If you notice these leaks and do not fix them, you are in for a world of trouble. When water leaks through your copper roofing into your actual home, there is potential for mold and other ailments to create an even bigger problem. If you are looking to combat the chance of leaks popping up in your copper roofing, consider waterproofing your roof. This should help reduce the chances of your roof being compromised by excessive water!

Keep it clean

The key to taking care of your copper roof during the summer months is keeping it clean – so you don’t have any algae growth on top of the copper. For copper roofs that are exposed to the sun, we recommend power washing them to remove all debris at least once or twice per year. It is important to do this in the summer because of all of the leaves and branches that can accumulate during the winter. The goal you should have for your copper roofing during summer is for it to be spotless and clean so that there is no risk of any damage due to unwanted materials.

Keep tree limbs short and gutters clear

As a rule of thumb, make sure that your gutters are clear every time you get on your copper roof. This is because dirty gutters can cause flooding, mold, and other problems for your home. Animals also have a habit of making nests in gutters, so it is best to check that out.

While cleaning your gutters out, you will also want to inspect the length of nearby tree limbs. It’s a good idea to cut these short so that there is no risk of damage in the event that they fall on top of your copper roof. We also recommend checking these tree limbs when you do your fall/winter roof inspection.

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