Why Everyone Loves Copper Roofing

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Americans have begun a love affair with copper roofing, and it’s about time. Europe and other parts of the world have had a close relationship with it for centuries. The most obvious reason is pretty superficial: Copper roofs are absolutely gorgeous. Like a good wine or George Clooney, they just get better with age. Copper roofs don’t stay looking like shiny new pennies, but instead turn a greenish hue over time. Many people are head over heels for this transition, making copper a popular option for those who plan to stay in their homes for life.

But copper roofing is much more than just looks — it comes with a bevy of benefits. It’s no secret that your roof is one of the most expensive investments you’ll make. Make it count. Here are all the upsides to copper roofing you need to know to begin an affair of a lifetime:

  • Everyone wants a piece: Copper roofing drastically improves your home’s curb appeal, value and salability (not that you’d want to sell it!). Yes, this is largely due to aesthetics, but you can’t overlook the fact that it’s an investment that returns the favor. Your house will quickly become the most attractive one on the block.
  • It’s lightweight: For a roof that looks so sturdy and intimidating, copper is surprisingly light—at least compared to other metal roofing materials. This makes the load lighter on the rest of the house, and it means that snow packed on the roof isn’t as big of a threat for leaks or wear and tear.
  • It’s durable: Beauty and strength are rolled up into one package when you go with copper roofing. With regular maintenance, copper roofs will last decades and maybe even centuries. There’s no denying that once you get a copper roof, it’ll stick with you for life. However, just like any type of roofing material, annual inspections are key.
    It’s eco-friendly: Copper does a great job of reflecting light, making it an energy-efficient option for your home. Your utility bills will probably go down, and you’ll use fewer resources.

Of course, copper doesn’t come without a few downsides, starting with price. It’s truly an investment, but homeowners with copper roofs say it’s a worthwhile one. You get what you pay for, and that extends to roofing. Another consideration is noise, which homeowners either love or loathe. Copper is a bit more conductive than other materials, so you may hear raindrops. Some homeowners find it charming, while it drives others batty. Make sure you know which camp you fall into before moving forward.

Finally, there’s the fact that copper can expand/contract with weather shifts. It won’t crack, but that movement can impact the fasteners. However, with regular inspections, you’ll be in the clear. Contact Aluminum Lock Roofing today for a free consultation and to decide if copper roofing is for you.

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