Styles and colors of aluminum shingles

When you think of aluminum shingles, do you think of an “ugly” unpainted gray color covering your entire roof? Well at Aluminum Lock Roofing, we break this mold of the typical “boring” or “ugly” colors. You may be familiar with our unpainted aluminum style, but we make more as well. We make our long-lasting aluminum shingles in a variety of vibrant and beautiful colors that you’ll see below. In this post you will find examples of our styles and colors of aluminum shingles as well as how they are created. Purchasing information and other helpful links are included at the bottom.

How are they made?

At Aluminum Lock Roofing, we create our colorful and unpainted aluminum shingles in the most professional and high-quality way possible. We use exceptional Kynar-branded paint that is known for being very long-lasting. It is the most sun-resistant paint available and we are proud to use this wonderful paint for our beautiful shingles.

To get the different colors to stay on our shingles, we bake them in the paint itself. This process fuses the paint onto the shingles and makes it last for quite a long time.   

Do the colors last?

While you will see wear and tear after years of use, our colorful aluminum shingles last for a long time. The colors on your painted aluminum shingles have a calming 30-year warranty. It may begin to fade over time, but that does not mean you have to lose your shining colors permanently. The beauty of our aluminum shingles is that they can be repainted at any point. Whether it is just a touch-up or a full-on repainting, your aluminum shingles will return to their colorful glory with the right care.

Our shingles are proven to last for many decades, and they last considerably longer when they are repainted. You will not be disappointed with your Aluminum Lock Roofing Aluma-Lock shingles in the color of your choice. They’re bound to look beautiful for 50 or more years, just ask our many satisfied customers.   

Color options

If you are someone who likes to consider many options when trying to decide something of this magnitude, you are in luck. Aluminum Lock Roofing provides 9 different colors of aluminum shingles. The colors we provide are matte black, brick red, brown stone, classic green, copper penny, granite gray, sierra tan, and polar white, along with unpainted aluminum. Custom colors are also available on larger volume orders, so contact us for more information about a custom color.

Purchasing and more information

Whether you would like our styles and colors of aluminum shingles or our unpainted ones, they are available to purchase via phone by calling 801-484-3321 or online at By giving us a phone call, we can get the specifics of your roofing needs and preferences while also answering all your questions. You can find more detailed information about the cost of our aluminum shingles and how long they last by clicking the links.