The rise of aluminum roofing: what we can learn from it

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The rise of aluminum roofing has been the subject of a lot of discussion in the construction industry. This is because this wonderful material has a lot of positives for your home that you probably are not aware of because it is still considered a newer and less popular material. But at Aluminum Lock Roofing, we want to help you understand why aluminum roofing is the future and how it can greatly impact your life!

If you are considering how to build your new home or update an older home, then it’s important that you know the advantages and disadvantages of this material. Aluminum roofing provides some benefits over other materials, while not being perfect for all situations. In this blog post we will take an in depth look at how aluminum roofing rose to its current status and where it is going in the future. Read on for more insight into this great roofing material!

The rise of aluminum roofing

How we got here

Aluminum roofing got its start in the very early 20th century. In the beginning, the material’s popularity was limited due to the fact that it was not as sturdy and long-lasting as other materials like clay tiles or slate shingles. Over time, aluminum became a standard option for homebuilders because they could offer their customers an affordable and low-maintenance option. As it stands today, aluminum roofing makes up around 15% of the reroofing market in the United States.

The material is not the only thing that changed over the years, the way it was installed also evolved into a better and more efficient system to ensure the quality of the roof installation. As with many things, time is all is needed to develop more effective aluminum shingles and ways to install them. When you choose aluminum shingles, you can rest assured that you are getting a high quality product from people who know what they are doing.

Why aluminum roofing is a great choice

While aluminum roofing may not be perfect for every situation, it can provide a lot of benefits. Aluminum roofing has excellent energy efficiency features which means that you will be able to keep your home cool in the summer and warm the rest of the year without worrying about high electricity bills or expensive HVAC repairs as often. Plus aluminum resists fire better than the the other roofing materials, which is a major benefit! In the end, aluminum shingles are an excellent choice for any home.

So the next time you consider building your new house or renovating the one you have now, be sure to give serious consideration to using aluminum roofing instead of cheaper and less effective options like asphalt shingles. You can learn more about the benefits of aluminum roofing in our recent blog posts or by visiting us in person.

Be sure to consider if your home can handle an aluminum roof

While the benefits are many, aluminum roofing is not the best choice for all homes. If you live in a very humid climate or will be building your home near the ocean as some people do, then you might want to consider another option. Aluminum reacts poorly with salt water which can cause it to corrode and even crack over time if used near the ocean. Other materials like clay tiles and concrete shingles could be considered better options for homes near the beach, but they also come with their own problems too!

Another problem you could potentially face is the age of your home. If your home is very old and in bad condition, it may not be wise to install aluminum shingles without some major upgrades beforehand. Although aluminum shingles are lightweight, you never know if your home is in condition to handle them until you do a thorough inspection.

Aluminum roofing in the future

As the cost of aluminum shingles continues to drop, the material will become more and more popular. When you consider the benefits that it provides (energy efficiency, fire resistance, etc.), there are not many reasons why people wouldn’t choose this modern roof option instead of the outdated asphalt variety!

So if you have been looking for a new roof, consider the benefits of aluminum roofing before you make a decision. It can be the best choice for your home and it won’t cost an arm or a leg to install either! Be sure to consider the rise of aluminum roofing as a factor in your decision.

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