Tile roofing problems: what may happen

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As you have learned while reading through our many blog posts, there are many different types of shingles out there. It is a fact that not all of these shingles are good quality or even worth putting on your home. Some different shingle types include aluminumcopper, steel, asphalt, tile, wood, and more. Unfortunately, there are some types of shingles that are not the best for various reasons. They could be too weak, not long-lasting, or just ineffective in general.  

In today’s post, we will be focusing on a certain type of roofing material: tile. Here are some of the biggest tile roofing problems and why you should avoid them for your home in favor of another roofing material! If you need any more information on why tile roofing is not preferred or about our aluminum shingles, please contact us today at 801-484-3321. 

Tile roofing problems 

Easily worn out 

Because of the nature of the material, tile roofing has the potential to become easily worn out. Tile roofing is considered beautiful and luxurious by many, but it certainly does not work for every home. Tile roofing can be worn out by a variety of things, including the elements and people who are working on it. Too much constant rain without the proper ventilation can cause mold to grow, as well as corrosion for the metal elements included with the roofing.  

Tile roofing can also become worn out by the people who work to maintain it. This wear and tear can happen if the person who is performing maintenance is not careful enough. While tile roofing can work for some specific situations, it is often more delicate than other roofing materials such as aluminum. Although it is possible to work on a tile roof yourself, we recommend hiring a professional or at least consulting with one at the very least when it is time to make repairs or do general maintenance.  

Can be expensive to install and maintain 

While this may not be very “serious” on the list of tile roofing problems, installation and maintenance costs must be considered if you are looking to get this type of roof on your home. One of the biggest reasons that tile roofing can be expensive is not necessarily because of the cost of the shingles, but because of the cost of other materials that are essential for the job. Most of the time, you will need specially made metal pieces for ventilation in your tile roof. These can add to the overall cost of your project, as well as maintenance costs. Overall, the cost of installation and maintenance can be raised if you have a larger and more complex to cover. Be sure to consider this as you are looking for your next roof. 

Makes for a heavy roof 

As mentioned in the previous point, tile shingles may add too much additional weight to your home. These tile shingles weigh much more than aluminum, copper, and even asphalt shingles due to their composition. In order for your home to support the weight of a tile roof, consider adding additional structural support. The last thing that you want is for your home’s new roof to give your home problems with its extreme weight and compromise the structural integrity. Consult with a tile roofing specialist to decide if this roofing option is even worth it for your home. You can also contact us at Aluminum Lock Roofing for more information on our extremely lightweight and durable aluminum shingles! 

Potential for water absorption 

Another tile roofing problem is the fact that the material has a habit of absorbing water. This can create larger problems such as mold, decay, and potential deterioration of tiles. While installing and maintaining your tile roofing, it is important to apply water sealants and make sure that they are still applied after extremely wet times. Frequent water exposure can also make your tile roof even heavier than it already is, so it is best to limit water exposure if possible.

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