7 tips to take care of your copper roof

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A copper roof is an excellent addition to any house. It is a statement design whose incorporation in any residential structure can make heads turn. What makes copper roofs unique is that they are stylish and sleek and very durable, and corrosion-free. But, there is a catch – like always. Copper roofs are hard to maintain. They get dirty quickly, oxidize fast, and consistent watermarks can discolor their original hue. But, the silver lining is that there are easy tricks to keep them in an immaculate condition. If you are interested in learning a few tips to take care of your copper roof, then read ahead. 


Copper roofing is famous for its style and sleekness but equally infamous for being high-maintenance. But, if you perform a timely check-up and an occasional deep cleaning, your copper roof will look as good as new for years on end. So, let us observe a few tips to take care of your copper roof.

  1. Avoid Scrubbing and Pressing – Unlike other roofs composed of tin or aluminum, copper roofs don’t need much scrubbing and pressing to become clean. On the contrary, being too harsh on them could remove their natural protection, causing the roof to lose its shine, finesse, and durability. The optimal way to clean a copper roof is by hosing down the top with water whose flow is not too powerful. 
  2. Remove the Dead Leaves – You should use a soft-bristled broom to get rid of all the dead plants and other debris accumulating on your precious copper roof. Work the way in a pushing motion to ensure that all the waste is adequately removed. To prevent the build-up of dead plants in the first place, you can trim the low-hanging branches around your house. 
  3. Scrape off the Bird Drippings in a Timely Fashion – Bird droppings are acidic, and their prolonged accumulation on your copper roof can result in corrosion. Hence, you should be vigilant and use a plastic or wooden spatula to scrape the bird droppings. You can also opt for a damp cotton cloth to wipe away the droppings that the spatula could not scrape away. Make sure that the intervals between your scrapping sessions are not too long.
  4. Regularly Rise the Floor with Distilled Water – You should periodically utilize buckets of distilled water to rinse off the roof. As distilled water is devoid of any minerals, it doesn’t harm the sheen and strength of the copper roof. If you don’t have filtered water, you can boil your regular water and use it instead. 
  5. Dry the Roof after Cleaning – Another crucial thing to remember is not leaving your copper roof entirely wet after a cleaning session. You should at least pat dry your roof to ensure that its quality is not compromised. You can use clean rags and work them in circular motions to dry off the ceiling. Topping a cleaning session with appropriate drying prevents the formation of water streaks and marks on your copper roof after it dries down.
  6. Opt for a Deep Cleaning Session – To ensure that your copper looks lustrous and new, you can opt for citrus-concentrated cleaning products to polish it. Various stores have cleaning products that specifically cater to copper roofs and materials. If you cannot find a cleaning agent near your home, you can also prepare a deep cleaning solution yourself. Use 5 gallons of water to create your deep cleaning paste and mix 5 cups of flour and 1.5 tablespoons of salt into it. After that, pour fluid ounces of white vinegar into the bucket, and mix the solution using a stick. It is noteworthy to remember that the consistency of the cleaning agent should resemble toothpaste; only then it means that you have done every step correctly. Then, all you should do is apply the paste to your copper roof, let it dry for 15 minutes, and then rinse the floor with distilled water. Don’t forget to dry your copper roof with rags, as mentioned earlier. The mixture of water, flour, salt, and vinegar serves as the perfect deep cleaning solution for a copper roof and leaves it looking fresh and new. 
  7. Opt for Regular Repairs – Although copper roofs are renowned for their strength and durability, they will always wear away with time. You must get your copper roof repaired regularly by experts, and you should also opt for replacement as and when required. Lastly, make sure to take advice from the place where you have purchased your copper roof and request recommendation of deep cleaners and other products so that you can keep your copper roof is a great state. 

In conclusion, the few tips to take care of your copper roof are not very difficult, and you can easily follow them to keep your roof in the best possible condition!

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