Why copper roofs are a good investment

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As a homeowner, one of the most frustrating things can be a damaged roof. This can be extremely frustrating for many reasons, especially including how much it costs to fix. And if you happen to ignore your damaged roof, the rest of your home will begin to suffer. Depending on the material that you use for your roofing, these repair costs can go up even more. A damaged roof can also cause many problems for your home, including leaks, heating/cooling loss, water damage, and much more. One way to prevent this roof damage is to invest in a new roofing material from Aluminum Lock Roofing.

Luckily for you, Aluminum Lock Roofing offers various materials that are great investments for the future of your home. Aside from our signature Aluma-Lock aluminum shingles, one of our most popular roofing materials is copper. You can read more about our copper shingles in other blog posts on our website. The purpose of this post is to discuss why a copper roof investment is a good idea. Here is some insight about investing in a copper roof for your home!

Copper roof investment benefits

Copper roofing increases your home’s value

When you finally decide to take the leap and make a copper roof investment, you will not regret it. The upfront cost may be a little more than you expect, but the copper shingles will pay for themselves. One of the best ways that this roofing material pays for itself is by increasing your home’s resale value. Copper roofing increases your home’s value because it is long-lasting and beautiful while also being easy to maintain. This is a positive for anyone that is looking to buy your home because they will not have to worry about replacing your roof during their lifetime.

Copper roofing is easy to maintain

When we say that copper roofing is low maintenance, we really do mean it. Unlike other roofing types, you literally never have to do maintenance on a copper roof. Aside from protective coatings and general maintenance in case of extreme weather conditions, copper roofing can be left alone for most of its lifetime. For the most part, the up-front costs of a copper roofing investment are the only costs that this roofing will incur. While this is the case, we do recommend at least yearly inspections to make sure your roof is in top shape.

Copper shingles provide excellent protection

As with our popular aluminum shingles, copper shingles are extremely durable and provide advanced protection over your home. If there was anything that we would like to emphasize about the power of copper shingles, it would be this. Although copper shingles are very lightweight, that does not impact their durability. Copper roofing can survive through years of severe weather, including windstorms, rain, snow, and extreme heat. If you are looking for peace of mind, we heavily recommend going with a copper roof investment when the time is right for you.

Copper shingles are “green”

Last but not least, copper roofs are a good investment because they are considered “green”. The main reason they are considered green is that they are mostly made up of recycled materials. In fact, copper roofing is one of the most recyclable materials that are used in the roofing industry today. Another green aspect of a copper roof is the fact of how much money you can save on your heating and cooling costs. Due to its tendency to keep your heating/cooling in and keeping outside forces out, your copper roof allows you to save plenty of money during the year.

Learn more

If you want to learn more about copper roofing and making an investment, please contact us today at 801-484-3321. You can also look through our blog section for more insight on copper and aluminum shingles, as well as other related topics.

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