Aluminum Lock Shingles are strong and can be walked on!¬†Aluminum Lock shingles are an ideal material for roofing. They are strong, yet very lightweight. Aluminum Lock shingles won’t rot, curl, dry-out, crack, or deteriorate with age. Aluminum Lock shingles do not rust. Even if the finish is scratched, Aluminum won’t develop rust streaks.

Colors / Appearance

Fire Proof

Wind Proof

Snow / Ice Proof

Pest Proof

Weather that deteriorates other types of roofing has no effect on Aluminum or Copper Lock shingles.

Aluminum Lock shingles are an ideal material for roofing. Because the shingles lie directly over tarpaper, and the plywood sheeting, there is virtually no noise from rain or hail.

Aluminum Lock shingles are good for the environment. Aluma-Lock shingles are made using over 90%-recycled aluminum, and even after many decades of protecting your home, your Aluma-Lock or Copper Lock shingles will have value as a recyclable material, and will not end up in the garbage dump or land fill.

Unlike heavy conventional shingles, Aluminum Lock shingles can be installed over existing shingles in most cases. This feature alone may save you thousands of dollars.

Besides being nailed down, each Aluminum Lock shingle interlocks on all 4 sides with surrounding shingles. They also lock securely into flashings around all roof edges. This makes an aluminum roofing shingle extremely wind proof. All nails are covered in the locking process. This adds to the roof’s clean, beautiful appearance, and also prevents the nails from working loose.

Since we are the manufacturer, you can save money and buy Aluma-Lock or Copper-Lock shingles directly from us! We have an installation instruction video that is included with materials purchases. We also have company employees who can provide expert, experienced installation.