Copper Roofing

Our copper lock shingles are made from 12 oz. or 16 oz. pure copper coils that interlock.

Commercial and Residential Copper Lock Shingles

We pride ourselves on our Residential Copper Lock Roofs. Above All – A Permanent Roof

Copper Lock Shingles that lock on all 4 sides at very competitive prices.
Not only will you get a very distinguished look to your home, but our copper lock shingles are functional and practical as well. Since each shingle is nailed down, as well as interlocked on all 4 sides, our copper shingles are both more windproof and waterproof than other brands of copper shingles that only lock on the top and the bottom.

Our Copper lock shingles can be walked on! The low profile design prevents crushing from snow or foot traffic. Copper lock shingles are a great choice because they are low-maintenance, high quality. Year after year, you will enjoy an attractive, lifetime roof.

*Call for price quote. Most orders require a 3 week lead time.