What our clients are saying about our service and Aluminum Lock shingles:


Great Installation!


Attached are pictures of the copper roofing on our treehouse.  It’s really a cross between a treehouseScheffield copper tree house and a gazebo, so we call it “the Gatreebouse.”

We’re very pleased with the look and the protection.  Thanks so much for the installation tips and video.



Hi Vardell, Deb, and team,

Thought you might enjoy these pictures. During a particularly snowy New England winter whenaluminum lock roofing1 aluminum lock roofing others are shoveling off, sledging ice, and putting salt on their roofs this is all we have on our aluminum roof!! As you can tell from the picture we never imagined the amount of snow there would be on the ground if it wasn’t on the roof . Before we truly understood we would need to keep up with the pile in front of our main entrance the mountain was backhoe territory. So, now that we can see ground again we will make sure to clean the area often.

We love our roof!! I will send along some really good pictures of the structure showing the roof better in case you want them for your website. I’ve just been waiting to snap the best shot.

Take care and hope you are all doing well.

Valerie Provost

Thanks Debbie! I was just showing off your shingles (on my spa) to a roofing contractor here aluminum lock roofingwho I may help to get these put on my house. They are the best shingles money can buy! Look how glorious they look after 8 years!

Wappingers Falls, NY  12590



“We cannot say enough great things about the very professional, prompt, and excellent workmanship of this company. Vardell and Debbie were great to work with from the get go – including always seeing an opportunity to provide services as opposed to what we are used to in our state of how it can’t happen. Ben and James who did the installation were great – very professional, hard working and WOW did they do a great job! All of our neighbors were impressed with their work and the final product. So thanks a ton, y’all!”
-Erika Olson, Elko, Nv.

“I wish to thank you for my new roof. Your staff were very professional and never left the job site without cleaning up all the debris. This was done daily. Your presentation on aluminum locking roofing was excellent, however, when the product was put in place everything really came together. The cost was quite a bit, but it makes me happy that I will have a roof in place that will be around longer than I will and for that reason I feel it is worth every penny. My major concern was the wind problem that we have in our location, I have been on the roof several times replacing tiles and to be honest at this present time I doubt if I will ever be on the roof again. If a problem ever does occur (which I truly doubt) I am confident it would be handled just as professionally as the installation.”
Darrel Johnson

“We would like to let you know how impressed we were with the roofing crew who installed our aluminum roof shingles on May 26, 2000. When they arrived, they went right to work. Each man knowing exactly what his job was and how to do it. They were later joined by two more roofers who showed more of the same work ethic. They all worked together like well oiled machinery and showed great professionalism and pride in their work. When they were finished, they showed the same professionalism in cleaning up. They scoured the lawn, both front and rear, for every piece of scrap metal. When they were done, it was impossible to find even the smallest piece of metal. The entire job took only 4 hours 15 min. from the time they arrived until the time they were pulling out of the driveway. The roof looks great and we look forward to many years of satisfaction from our aluminum roof shingles.”
-Mr. and Mrs. Bordenava

“Your work crews were wonderful, the roof looks great and the aluminum trim I am especially pleased with. The men took time and made every piece fit. We have had one fellow look at it, who has been doing this work for a number of years. He said it was the best job he had seen. He said he could not have done the quality of work that your men did.”
-Mr. and Mrs. Jensen

“You should be very proud of the work the young men did for us. They were very careful about not breaking the plants around our home and cleaned up after each day’s work. I appreciate this kind of care and consideration. The aluminum roof shingles look great and was done very professionally. Thanks again to these two young men.”
-L. Jeason

“Your crew just finished roofing our house today, and we are, to put it mildly, ecstatic. The Aluminum Lock roof shingles look great, and it has made the house look 100% better. I would also like to compliment the ability, intelligence, and integrity of your installation crew. In one case, one of the crew called me over to show me a plumbing vent stack which had come loose. We took about a 15 minute delay to fix the problem. Might not sound like a big deal, but I am sure that there are a lot of roofers who would have simply kept quiet and kept going. Please pass my compliments. Again, thanks for a great job.”
-M. Loriz

“Jim, Your guys did a great job – The roof looks great!”

“Vardell, Thanks for the new roof on my garage. It looks great. I will refer everyone I know to you guys – You did a great job!”

“Great Job! Thank You!”
-Andrea & Micheal Figueroa

“Vardell, Thanks for the new roof on my garage. It looks great. I will refer everyone I know to you guys – You did a great job!”

“Thank You – Excellent Roof! Very Attractive”
-Carol Dimock

“Thank You Very Much – It Looks Wonderful!”
-Stephanie Daym

“It is beautiful, and we are very pleased with the results. We are happy to pass on any referrals to your company. We especially want to commend the couple that did the installation. They were punctual, hard working, and thorough.”

-Glen and Tonie Thorpe