Aluminum Lock Features

Colors / Appearance

Fire Proof

Wind Proof

Snow / Ice Proof

Pest Proof

Only ALUMINUM LOCK has all of these features:

Aluminum Lock shingles interlock on all four sides.

This prevents leaks and wind damage.

Attractive “shingle” look – Make your home look like NEW!

 aluminum lock roofing

aluminum lock2



Fluropon® SR coatings are field-proven, high performance exterior quality finishes designed to enhance the energy efficiency of buildings. Fluropon® SR coatings are available in a wide variety of color hues including standard and custom earth tones, pastels, and restoration colors. Pearlescent and metallic formulations are also available. Fluropon® SR coatings are premium fluoropolymer coatings contain 70% Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® resins and solar reflective pigments. This powerful combination provides a durable color coating that resists heat absorption and enables the building to cool down faster. As a result, the air-conditioner does not run as much and energy consumption is decreased. In addition, these coatings reduce urban heat island effect that plague metropolitan areas and the surrounding region. All Fluropon SR coatings have a minimum solar reflectance value of 0.25. The typical emittance value of these coatings is 0.85 to 0.90 with the exception of metallic or pearlescent colors that typically range from 0.75 to 0.9. All Fluropon SR coatings are formulated to meet ENERGY STAR performance requirements for steep slope roofs. Many of these coatings will also meet a variety of other local, regional and federal Green Design performance requirements including LEED and CRRC.Fluropon SR coatings provide outstanding protection against the effects of ultraviolet radiation resulting in exceptional color retention, and resistance to chalking and chemical degradation. Fluropon SR coatings are the preferred choice among environmentally responsible architects, building owners, and metal building manufacturers. All exterior components of aluminum, HDG steel, or Galvalume® that will lend themselves to a factory-applied finish can be coated with Fluropon SR coatings. Fluropon SR coatings are applied to long-life exterior metal products such as residential and architectural roofing, pre-engineered building panels, louvers, fascia, spandrel paneling, and column covers. The excellent adhesion and flexibility properties of Fluropon SR coatings provide superior post forming performance. Valspar also offers SR coatings in silicone polyester WeatherX and polyester formulations.

Available in a variety of colors & solid copper

new color palet

Also available in unpainted aluminum.

These colors are used for reference only. Please contact us to receive actual swatches.

Custom colors available on large volume orders.