Aluminum Lock Roofing focuses on energy efficiency to save homeowners money.

Installation of Aluminum Lock Roofing can save up to 40% in summer cooling costs.

When you choose Aluminum Lock shingles, you get more than just a permanent roof. You also help the environment in several ways:

The Benefits of Aluminum Shingles for Energy Efficient Homes

The following study compared aluminum shingles and other roofing materials in creating energy efficient homes.

Roof and attic thermal performance exert a powerful influence on cooling energy use in Florida homes. Unshaded residential roofs are heated by solar radiation causing high afternoon attic air temperatures. The large influence on cooling is due to increased ceiling heat transfer as well as heat gains to the duct systems which are typically located in the attic space (Figure E-1).

The Florida Solar Energy Center instrumented side-by-side Habitat homes in Ft. Myers, Florida with identical floor plans and orientation, R-19 ceiling insulation, but with different roofing systems designed to reduce attic heat gain. The houses had the following roofing systems:

(RGS) Standard dark shingles (control home)
(RWS) Light colored shingles
(RTB) Terra cotta S_tile roof
(RWM) White metal roof

All seven houses were completed by June 26th, 2000 with extensive testing to assure the buildings were similar. Each home was monitored simultaneously from July 8th – 31st in an unoccupied state.

The maximum attic temperature during the peak summer hour is 40oF greater than ambient air temperature in the control home while no greater than ambient with highly reflective roofing systems like aluminum shingles. Light colored shingles and terra cotta roofs show temperatures in between. Table E-1 summarizes the metered data from the unoccupied period.

Table E-1. Cooling Performance During Unoccupied Period July 8th – 31st, 2000

Site Total kWh Savings kWh Save Percent Demand kW Savings kW Saved Percent
RGS (Control Home) 17.03 0.00 0.0% 1.63 0.00
RWS 15.29 1.74 10.2% 1.44 0.19 11.80%
RTB 16.02 1.01 5.9% 1.57 0.06 3.70%
RWM 12.03 5.00 29.4% 0.98 0.65 39.70%

In summary, this evaluation strongly confirms the energy-saving benefits of using more reflective roofing systems in Florida. Selection of colors with higher solar reflectance will result in tangible cooling energy savings for customers. This is particularly true for roofing materials such as tile and metal which are currently available with solar reflectance’s of 65%-75%. The selection of reflective roofing systems represents one of the most significant energy-saving options for creating energy efficient homes. Such systems also strongly reduce the cooling demand during utility coincident peak periods and may be among the most effective methods for controlling demand.

Reference Publication: Parker, D.S., J.K. Sonne, J.R. Sherwin, and N. Moyer, November 2000. “Comparative Evaluation of the Impact of Roofing Systems on Residential Cooling Energy Demand.” Contract Report FSEC-CR-1220-00, Florida Solar Energy Center, Cocoa, FL.

This study proves Aluminum Shingles, that are lighter in color will significantly reduce your home or business energy costs. The Florida Power and Light Company sent out a press release related to this study stating: “A white, galvanized metal roof should save a customer who lives in an average-size 1,770 square foot homes approximately $128 or 23 % annually in cooling costs, compared with a dark gray shingle roof on the same home”. Aluminum shingles are highly reflective and generally lighter in color (for color options click here) which helps create energy efficient homes.


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